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Searching for Reliable, High-Quality Gun Manufacturers in Texas? Selous Gun & Rifle Makers Offers A Wide Range of Firearms for Protection, Safety, and Sports

Texas Based Gun Maker

As Texas-based gun manufacturers, Selous Gun & Rifle Makers possess 26 years of experience in gun fitting, design, and manufacturing. Experience and expertise allow us to develop an innate understanding of every customer’s unique needs and requirements. Selous Gun & Rifle Makers design and manufacture guns, shotguns, and rifles of the highest quality, making sure they offer the comfort, reliability, and style that you want to own.

Our legendary manufactured firearms will fit you and your shooting style. You will compete in shooting sports depending on the weapon to deliver the performance you need. Whether you are an amateur or a veteran, we have something for everyone.

Head over to Selous Gun and Rifle Makers in Southlake, Texas, to find the right firearm today at the best possible price.

Explore Our New Facility

New to Selous Gun & Rifle Makers? Drop by our new facility when you get a chance and:

Discover Our Exclusive Showroom

Selous Gun & Rifle Makers recently inaugurated its brand-new showroom featuring a wide assortment of mid to high-end consignment shotguns, rifles, and handguns. You can also find gun cases and clay shooting products. That’s not all. We also have a separate showroom for Selous custom-made rifles designed to provide a superior experience shooting sports enthusiasts.

Selous Gun & Rifle Makers is also an authorized distributor of BOKER knives and carries an expansive collection of authentic products by BOKER.

Sign Up for Firearm Education

Gun safety is essential to Selous Gun & Rifle Makers. We offer world-class educational sessions for gun fitting led by Andrew Macfarlane, a master gun fitter with over 25 years of experience.

Andrew specializes in teaching gun-fitting to youth and predominantly female shooters. If required, we also offer one-on-one lessons to customers interested in learning about gun-fitting and shooting fundamentals.

Selous Gun & Rifle Makers has a dedicated lounge for group meetings and social settings where you can meet other shooting sports and gun enthusiasts.

Take Advantage of Custom Firearm Restorations

If your firearm is not functioning or has gotten damaged, Selous Gun & Rifle Makers provides custom restorations, such as rust neutralization, bluing, trigger, and furniture.

Selous Gun and Rifle Makers offers hand-rubbed oil finish and proprietary competition Epoxy finishes for your firearms. Additionally, we can reshape and resize stocks and forends for guns and repair and refinish gunstocks that have undergone water damage.

Make the Most of Gunsmithing Services

Selous Gun & Rifle Makers are more than Texas-based gun manufacturers and rifle manufacturers. We are also an authorized repair and service center for leading gun brands, such as:

  • J-P Deaschler Gunmakers
  • Krieghoff USA
  • Perazzi USA
  • Zoli
  • Beretta
  • Browning

Our Customers Love Us

Not sure if you can trust our guns and rifles? Take a look at what our customers have to say about our products and services:

Expert Gun and Rifle Manufacturers in Southlake, TX

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