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Selous Gun & Rifle Makers possess 26 years of experience in gun fitting, design, and manufacturing. Experience and expertise allow us to develop an innate understanding of every customer’s unique needs and requirements. Selous Gun & Rifle Makers design ensures your gun provides the comfort, reliability, and style that you want to own.

Selous is owned and operated by Andrew MacFarlane and is located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. At the heart of Selous is a passion for teaching people to build their proficiency with their firearms. Andrew offers one-on-one and group gun-fitting sessions. These sessions focus on helping each person become more confident and aware of what to do when using a shotgun or rifle. Andrew’s acute perception of visually determining what works and what does not. Schedule a time to experience this by coming by the shop or finding him at a competition with his mobile gun-fitting trailer.

Andrew is also working on a video course breaking down the fundamentals and mechanics of properly mounting your gun, aiming, and firing. This video course is coming soon!

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Gun safety is essential to Selous Gun & Rifle Makers. We offer world-class educational sessions for gun fitting led by Andrew Macfarlane, a master gun fitter with over 25 years of experience.

Andrew specializes in teaching gun-fitting to youth and predominantly female shooters. If required, we also offer one-on-one lessons to customers interested in learning about gun-fitting and shooting fundamentals.

Selous Gun & Rifle Makers has a dedicated lounge for group meetings and social settings where you can meet other shooting sports and gun enthusiasts.

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