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Bespoke Custom Gun And Rifle Making Including General Gunsmithing And Restoration Has Been Been The Backbone Of Selous Gun And Rifle Makers. With Four Full-Time World Class Gunsmiths, Two Full-Time Stock Makers As Well As A Custom Ceramic Paint Department. We Are Uniquily Qualified To Work On Quality Arms Of All Types And Models. 

From Basic Services And Repairs To Complex Trouble Shooting On Modern To Vintage Firearms. Refinishing And Restoration Of All Wood And Metal Parts Including Complete Restocking. With A Combined 75 Years Experience Our Gunsmiths And Gunmakers Will Take Care Of All Your Gun And Rifle Needs

General Services

  • Repairs And Servicing Of All Rifles,
  • Hand Guns And Shotguns
  • World-Class Custom Trigger Work
  • Stock Repairs: Cracks, Chips And Dents, Etc
  • Barrel Threading For Muzzle Breaks And Suppressors
  • Rifle And Pistol Barrel Fluting
  • Recoil Pads Shaped And Fitted
  • Custom Leather Covered Recoil Pads
  • Sights, Scopes Mounted And Bore Sighted
Rifle Chambering And Machining

Refinishing Services

  • Cerakoting On All Types Of Firearms
  • Custom Camo And Designing Of Paint Patterns
  • Custom Stock Refinishing With Traditional Handrubbed
  • London Oil
  • Proprietary Competition Epoxy Spray Finish For Wood And Composite Stocks
  • Restorations Of Vintage Firearms
  • Traditional Rust Bluing Of Barrels,
  • Actions And Furniture
  • Diagnostics And Repairs To British, European And Modern Firearms
  • Rifle Actions, Barrels Blue Printing And Bedding For Accurizing
  • One-Off Parts Manufactured And Fitted
  • Relaying Of Shotgun Ribs, Including Drillings And Double Rifles
  • Removal And Repair Of Dents In Shotgun Ribs And Barrels
  • World Class Repair Center For: Kreighoff, Perazzi, Zoli, Browning, Beretta, Holland & Holland, Jp Daeschler, Purdey, Winchester,Remington, Colt, S&W, Dickson & Mcnaughton, Boss, Woodward, Etc.
Custom Ceramic Paints And Designs
  • Restoring Damascus Steel Barrels
  • Stockmaking Services
  • Stock Duplication
  • Custom Inletting, Fitting And Shaping Of Rifle And
    Shotgun Stocks And Forends
  • Hand Checkering
  • Custom Carvings, Scrollwork And Scenery

Download our General Gunsmithing Brochure (PDF) – Download File